This textile is one of our favorites, and our only fabric that is both handloom and natural, making it highly sustainable. The Himalayan Nettle is one of the longest natural fibers in the world and is unique to the remote hillsides of Nepal and India. In the steep, hilly regions, the nettle’s extensive root system is critical to the conservation of the soil. The plant thrives on rainwater alone, doesn’t require any pesticides and grows naturally in dense jungles around 8,000 feet.


Our use of nettle provides a consistent and sustainable income to 10 women in two villages in rural Nepal, where the entire production process is conducted locally. The women harvest the plants in the jungle before peeling, cooking, drying, separating, spinning, and weaving the fabric. The nettle is harvested once a year, allowing for regrowth while the fabric is woven on handlooms and delivered to our workshop in Kathmandu via passenger vehicles, saving electricity and emissions. Our goal is to expand our support for additional villages and rural weavers as our brand grows.