Organic cotton is critical to environmental reform and to protecting rural farmers. With conventional cotton consuming 25% of all insecticides but only occupying 2.5% of the planet’s cultivated land, there’s a strong need for more organic cultivation. Unfortunately, organic cotton accounts for just 1% of all production, with a single biotech giant (starts with an M ends with an O) controlling 95% of India’s cotton farms. The freshwater required to produce enough cotton for a single tee shirt could provide three years of drinking water for a single person. Organic cultivation requires 40% less water.

Considering our cotton comes from India, where nearly half of the population is expected to be without clean drinking water by 2020, we decided that buying organic was essential.  Perhaps the most shocking fact is that more than 270,000 Indian farmers have committed suicide, primarily due to extreme debt to pesticide suppliers. As consumers, we can be part of the movement that reverses this epidemic.